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Al Sharqiya Sands Hotel

Al Sharqiyah Sands Hotels is about 5-10 km south-east of Ibra on the right-hand side of the road as you're heading towards Al Khamil and Al Ashkharah. The brochure below will print on the second page. Information is correct as of October 2002. Update Dec 2005 ... which means the prices will be well out of date, and the email probably is not correct either but here are the contact details for what they're worth.

  • Al Sharqiya Sands Hotel
  • Tel +968-9205112 or +968-9205113, Fax +968-9207012
  • email: sharqiyasands@hotmail.com


  • Single room 16 Omani Riyals (OR) plus taxes
  • Double or twin room 18 OR plus taxes
  • Taxes are 17%
  • Breakfast add 2 OR per person, HB and FB available
  • Room service 24 hrs, restaurant open till 2300.

The Al Sharqiya Hotel has a pool, is clean & tidy, and pub serves booze. Restaurant food was nothing outstanding but it was edible. Rooms have TV and fridge. Worth paying the premium compared to the handful of other hotels between Muscat and the coast. Biggest disadvantage is that you're still 2 hours away from the coast, otherwise it would make a great spot to stop.

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