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Dubai and UAE coast surf locations and surf spots

Burj Al Arab Hotel in the foreground with Jumeirah Beach Hotel to the right. Swell for most spots now blocked by Palm Islands and The World. Short video of DOSC (Dubai Offshore Sailing Club) on a windy, messy day - about as good as it gets in Dubai - from Febuary 2003. No swell there now.

From Abu Dhabi to Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah (in approximately that order)...

  • Abu Dhabi - not really from what I've heard. Too many islands blocking the swell?
  • Jebel Ali Reef - drive onto the beach after the Jebel Ali Hotel and look for a bit of a point jutting out (house on top of it). Reef rarely works - you need a big clean swell I think and wave height is probably about 2 ft smaller than in Dubai. Sand is softer than Dubai beaches - let your tyres down. I've never heard of anyone surfing here but people have seen waves.
  • Black Palace Beach - past Jumeirah Beach Hotel going towards Jebel Ali but access is restricted now. Other beaches around that area still have access although Palm Island construction will block most swell.
  • Wild Wadi Flowrider - artificial wave located within Wild Wadi Water Park next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab. Consistent 4-6 ft face but you can't bring your own board. They supply the body boards and you're only allowed to lie or kneel on them. Actually there's two flow riders but only one is worth having a go on. Entry for adults is 99 dhs for a day, includes all rides as often as you like. Try the Jumeirah Screamer for a big drop kind of thrill!
  • Sunset Beach - Dubai side of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Generally lefts at the Jebel Ali end and rights at the Dubai end of the beach. Jetskis and sailing vessels for hire in the middle of the beach. When it's big and messy there's a rip sucks you out along the rocks on the Dubai end of the beach.
  • Thieves Corner - other side of fishing village/harbour at Dubai end of Sunset Beach. So named because someone nicked my towel off my car. Very sheltered, good for beginners when it's big and messy, otherwise it's flat.
  • Grey Palace or Coke Machine - used to be good (before 2003) but now has underwater obstacles. DANGEROUS. My advice is do not surf here, at least while the debri is in the surf zone.
  • Wollongong Beach - just after Wollongong University going Jebel Ali direction on the beach road. Where you find kitesurfers on most afternoons. Surf is limited now due to offshore island construction.
  • DOSC - used to be the most popular place but offshore island construction has killed the waves here. Just before Wollongong University going Jebel Ali direction on the beach road. Location is on the east side of the actual sailing club. Also known as EK beach due to the occupation of some of the sunbathers. To get there, head west along the Sheikh Zayed highway, turn right at the Safa Park interchange (#2), turn left at the next lights opposite Choithram's supermarket. Next traffic lights with Spinneys on one of the corners, turn right. Left at the next lights - you should now be on the beach road - take the next right, right again and left. If you see surf pounding in, tell someone!
  • TV Mast Beach - a TV mast on the beach just after Jumeirah Beach Park going Jebel Ali direction. Again, no more surf since island development.
  • Molehills - still trying to figure out where that one is. 
  • Hole in the Wall - along the same road as Moscow beach - two groynes help clean up messy surf. More of a bodyboarder wave - dumpy.
  • Moscow Beach or Open Beach - opposite The One furniture shop on the beach road (look for Open Beach sign).
  • Al Mamzar Park - near Sharjah, 5 dhs entry or 30 dhs for a car. Park in the car park outside and walk in, it's a shorter walk than if you park inside the park. Second beach is the place to surf but if you're a beginner and it looks too much then try the third beach. Follow signs to Al Mamzar Park, not to Al Mamzar Beach. There is a creek that runs alongside the park and borders Sharjah. To get there, find the Dubai-Sharjah highway and turn left at Al Mullah Plaza then drive straight ahead till you get to the coast. Or find Al Shindaga tunnel and follow the road through the tunnel past the Hyatt and straight on until you get to the park. On a good day, had the best waves in Dubai but I haven't been there for a couple of years at least. I suspect the Deira Palm construction has progressed far enough to block swell from Mamzar Park.
  • Sharjah and Ajman - a couple of places on the main beach have waves worth surfing but not any better than Dubai. Useful if you live near there.
  • Umm al Quwain - I looked once but there was no swell so couldn't tell if there were spots worth surfing.
  • Ras Al Khaimah - usually 1-2 ft smaller than Dubai and less windy. Which means nicer waves when it's big and messy in Dubai but I've never seen anything bigger than 2-3 ft faces. Try Police Beach (next to Bin Majid Hotel in town) and Dog Beach (Old Town RAK - watch out for pretty mean looking wild dogs).
  • Ras Al Khaimah Sailing Club (or RAK Sailing Club / RAK SC) - not the sailing club beach (in the lagoon) but to your right as you drive up to the club you'll see a beach which sometimes has small waves.
  • Phillippe's Knee, RAK - near the Al Hamra Fort Hotel. Lots of construction so may not be accessible (it was in 2002). Update November 2005 - The Cove (RAK beachfront development) is somewhere along here and may have finished Phillippe's Knee for good.
  • North of RAK are a couple of places which seem to get bigger waves - try Cow Beach near Galila, Rams or Sham.


  • Fujeirah/East Coast - more likely to have waves in the summer. One reef (called Tim's Reef several years ago upon discovery) near Sandy Beach Motel is worth checking out. It's just before the motel as you drive up from Fujeirah.

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