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Oman Surfing and Surf Spots

  • Al Ashkharah and Aseela are the closest points for surf in Oman from Dubai with reasonable wave potential for surfing. Poor facilities - you need to be self-sufficient. Mostly beach breaks. See also:
  • Masirah Island, just off the coast of Oman is further and you need to catch a ferry but bigger waves and a few reef breaks make Masirah a better surf destination. Worth considering for a surf trip on a long weekend if there's swell. Count on 10-12 hrs travel each way (about 5 hours south of Muscat to ferry spot).  Some basic grocery shops and gas station in the town on Masira Island but you still need to be mostly self-sufficient. Masirah is also a well known spot for windsurfing - mainly during June - September when the Harif wind blows through with galeforce winds day and night kicking up the sand and keeping the windsurfers happy. See the Masirah Island surf page for a couple of windsurf videos. Other pages on this site:
  • Salalah in southern Oman - a daunting drive from Dubai - about 12-15 hours depending on border delays, sleep and rest stops but further south so more swell potential, and more consistent swell. Beginners or small people will be able to surf most days somewhere in or near Salalah. Cooler climate and lush vegetation. It's a decent sized town so has good facilities including Salalah airport (with direct flights to Dubai 3 times a week as of Aug 2006, or flights via Muscat).
  • other places - Oman has a long coastline facing the Indian Ocean so there's plenty of unexplored territory for surf expeditions. Some places where people have surfed include Kuria Muria or Haliniyat (?) Islands, Dalqut area, Rakyut (south of Salalah). Generally you get warmer water and air in winter, cooler in summer (need a wetsuit sometimes), great scenery, beaches, good waves if it's on. Worth a trip - check the forecast.
  • Check forum travel section for most recent information and news of surf trips being organised by other surfers wanting to go from Dubai to Oman for surfing. Or even better, start your own!

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