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Surf spots near UAE - see also surf travel forum

  • Africa - South Africa everyone knows of course, but there's lots of coastline with potential for waves.
  • Alderman Islands - relatively undiscovered but good potential.
  • Bahrain - no waves.
  • Gaza - good luck getting there! Surfer's Path magazine has an article about it (November 2005 issue or about then).
  • Cyprus - sounds better than here at least!
  • India - Goa area has surf but no information on quality, facilities here.
  • Iran - long coastline stretching towards Indian Ocean. Maybe possible in the monsoon season. Ferry goes from Sharjah so in theory can take a car...
  • Iraq - doubtful.
  • Kuwait - occasionally swell charts show something but never heard of anyone surfing there. Update November 2005 - a SOD living there for a few years claims to have surfed there this month.
  • Lebanon - in the winter, and you can ski too!
  • Maldives - expensive but excellent surf.
  • Morroco - on the Atlantic Ocean. Bring a wetsuit.
  • Pakistan - yes, really! Stormrider Guide devotes a couple of pages to it.
  • Qatar - looks like occasionally the west coast collects a bit of swell but never heard of anything surfable there from other SODs who've explored the place.
  • Saudi Arabia - maybe on the Red Sea coast?
  • Sri Lanka - Definitely worth going to - cheap, great weather, easy waves, reasonably consistent.
  • Yemen and Socotra - not much information yet. January 2004 Surfer magazine apparently has an article about it.

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