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Learn Surfing at Surf Dubai Surf School

Are you interested in learning to surf in Dubai? A BSA qualified and experienced surf instructor is available to make sure you easily learn to surf and have a great time while learning! Equipment is provided, all you need is a swimsuit, sunscreen and a towel.

Great things about learning to surf in Dubai are:

  • The sun shines almost every day.
  • You don't need a wetsuit - water temperature ranges from about 20 C in winter to 36 C in Summer.
  • The beach where you learn is safe and sandy - no rocks to scare you off.
  • The waves are usually small and gentle enough for beginners to learn with confidence.

Important Information:

  • Lesson times can be arranged to suit but are usually in the mornings when surf conditions are better than in the afternoons.
  • Surf conditions in Dubai are inconsistent and surf school days will depend on when there is sufficient swell to have a lesson. However the boards used are especially designed for beginners and you can learn to surf in relatively small waves.
  • The sun can be quite strong here so please make sure you have good sunscreen - we recommend at least factor 25, and it should be waterproof.
  • Your instructor is also a qualified lifeguard and safety is always our first concern.
  • The cost of a 1h 30 m lesson is only AED 150.

If you are interested in learning to surf, please fill in the following enquiry form which is submitted to the SurfDubai surf school. After submission you will be directed to a page with the information you entered and contact information. An email containing the same information will also be sent to the email address you entered. Please note that fields highlighted in red and marked * require an entry.

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