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Beer and surf videos in Dubai

Once a month we meet to talk about surfing (or not) and watch great surf videos!

Update - video nights are on "pause" but will return one day... Chuck your two cents worth in the forum.

Carters Bar video nights - stopped

Surfers of Dubai usually meet at Carters Bar in the Pyramids building at the Wafi Center on the last Wednesday of every month, come along anytime after 8pm or so - you get happy hour prices on some house drinks. Check the forum for confirmation or last minute changes. If you're registered to get email updates, you'll receive news that way.

Here's an excellent opportunity to meet all those other surfers in Dubai, the faceless names from the forum (even the weird ones), watch a few surf videos and maybe try and scab a lift to Oman the next time someone's going. You're more than welcome to bring your own videos or DVDs along, especially if it's not Endless Summer since we're all sick of that! Occasionally we even watch snowboarding, skiing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, and kiteboarding videos but we prefer it if you keep that information to yourself...

We always look forward to meeting new surfers in Dubai or wannabe surfers or beginners or even people who don't surf but just want to chill out over a couple of beers and watch surf videos. There's often a few like that who come along so don't worry if you're not a surfer - some of us even talk about things other than waves. Sometimes...

When you walk in to Carters Bar, go straight through to what they call the breakfast room - double doors next to the DJ booth. Or ask at the bar where the surf club is meeting. Room is set up with huge TV screen, DVD and video player, and a semi-private outdoor area when the weather is good.

Hope to see you there!

Dubliners Video Nights - stopped

Originally we were meeting in Dubliners but from February 2004 we moved to Carters after a few clashes with the Celtic Football Club - they're bigger than us!

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